PSP VintageMeter

PSP VintageMeter 1.0

VintageMeter is a professional volume unit (VU) and a Peak Program Meter(PPM)
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The PSP VintageMeter is a professional volume unit (VU) and a Peak Program Meter(PPM). Volume unit meter and the Peak Program Meter used to measure the sound peak levels is what this plug-in PSP VintageMeter does. It is compatible with any sound application. It provides accurate volume levels for you to adjust to your requirements.

The VU helps you in measuring the loudness of any of your mono or stereo tracks. The volume unit is good to work with in continues sounds but when it comes to fast tracks they are usually not as god as the peak program meter. The PPM is very good in reading the faster sounds and is especially good when there are pops or distortions in the track. The added advantage of having bot the PPM and the VU is that you can measure the peak levels of the tracks using the VU and adjust them and also measure the transient peaks with the PPM. So this plug-in completes your requirement to stabilize your sound levels in both ways.

The plug-in is compatible with any sound application after a few adjustments with the ballistics making it the perfect tool to have in your audio editing arsenal.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Needs adjusting to work with existing software
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